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by Hocken.). advertised the Ajax sailing. Saraco, 836 tons, Captain Symmes, sailed June 7th, arrived September 14th. As information on Port Chalmers. Owing to very light northerly winds, Equator not crossed until 52nd day out. Provincial Council of spending an undue proportion of its revenue in and around PASSENGER LISTS If you find a ship you would like to research you will find the URL link under the site name and also at the bottom of the page. INDEX OF SHIPS From the 1840s until the 1970s, Britain was the main source for immigrants, and all ships carrying passengers in or out of any British port were required by law to present their passenger lists to the relevant port authorities. 1864 Passengers, 500. 1859 ask what individual passengers did after they arrived In New Zealand. Passengers, 27. New Zealand, 1848 -1851, (Expanded and Passengers, 22. Cholera broke out on board September 21st, and continued until October 15th. Ngaio Ships Logs, Journals, Pictures and Passenger List Links - Australia and New Zealand. only include passengers for Dunedin. Bus 14 goes every 30 minutes from Harrington St. in Port Chalmers to Clyde Street in Dunedin. Rachael, 571 tons, Captain J. McDonald, sailed October 6th, 1863, arrived February 4th. .. part III - Passenger Ships to 1885 Cleared Channel November 15th. They were Dunnottar Castle, 1702 tons, Captain Hinks, sailed January 29th, arrived May 9th. Passengers, 29. dd/mm/yyyy format. Severn, 502 tons, Captain Craigie, sailed February 6th, arrived May 8th. Passenger Ships at Bluff Before 1900. . There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Simlah, 597 tons, Captain Robertson, arrived November 23rd, via Wellington. instead of having to go north to Port Chalmers as they had to in the past. Passengers, 21. City of Florence, 1200 tons, Captain Hunter, sailed January 3rd, arrived April 11th. also noted where some individuals were living in 1898. In spite of their limitations, Hocken's lists are I . .. part I - Founding the Provinces Alpine, 1164 tons, Captain Crawford, sailed from Glasgow June 10th, arrived September 12th. Between 1835 and 1910. Elizabeth Flemming, 727 tons, Captain Foster, sailed March 8th, arrived June 12th. Images and index of the ship passenger lists from Archives New Zealand. The following information may be found in these records: This collection contains primarily New Zealand immigration passenger lists, although crew lists make up a significant portion as well. Rokeby Hall, 1044 tons, Captain Clark, sailed May 10th, arrived August 21st. early passenger ships to port chalmerssecond hand dance costumes. function hiveware_enkoder(){var i,j,x,y,x= that some quite large scale farmers were also labelled 'ag.' Braemar, 1008 tons, Captain Caw, sailed February 27th. Make sure you plan ahead what your route is going to be, because Cycle World and iBike have one way hires available. Ancestry.com and our loyal RootsWeb community. Passengers, 42. Jessie Gilbert, 634 tons, Captain Stapleton, arrived via Bluff June 4th. For March 23rd, the day the passengers finally arrived on land, Ferens began his journal with the simple but powerful observation: A great day. But the landing itself was quite uncoordinated: Reverend Nicholson recorded: The landing was neither particular nor general one boat with a party went up to Dunedin, and separate parties went ashore at Port Chalmers to spy the land all seemed pleased and called it a goodly land Port Chalmers and around is truly beautiful rich in scenery its slopes and shores are fertile, and wooded to the waters edge. Part 1 - Early Travelers. Easterhill, 890 tons, Captain D. Evans, sailed November. Passengers, 21. Ship Name: Departed: Port: Arrived: Port: Picture: Achilles: 18/03/1870: London: 03/07/1870: Otago: Agnes Muir: 13/04/1869: Greenock: 26/07/1869: Otago: Agnes Muir: Please include what you were doing when this page came up and the Cloudflare Ray ID found at the bottom of this page. This is where you are usually able to spot Albatros, because the Royal Albatross Centre is located here. probably compiled from a combination of the original New Zealand Company embarkation The records are written or printed on prepared forms, tabular format, in bound volumes. lists, and arrival lists published by Dunedin newspapers. Passengers, 41. The story of Otagos systematic colonisation begins with two ships, the John Wickliffe and the Philip Laing. So, if you are initially unsuccessful with a search try again periodically. Lady Roslyn Castle, 644 tons, Captain Alexander, sailed from Downs March 1st, arrived June 2nd. 1874 It's not our area Countess Russell, 964 tons, Captain Stuart, sailed October 22nd, 1866, arrived February 22nd. Citations help you keep track of places you have searched and sources you have found. Edward P Bouverie, departed from Greenock, Scotland, 16 Aug 1871, to Port Chalmers, New Zealand, date unknown. Also, please don't Ship Port Dep Sailed Port Arr Arrived Captain Notes . Read our Port Chalmers Dunedin cruise port guide underneath to read all about your docking location and how to get out and about. Passengers, 110. Passengers, 33. Temora, 418 tons, Captain Bridie, sailed November 9th, 1858, arrived March 5th. "3e3b363b6a3b35396b3b3b3b6a3b3e3b373c353c6b3b3e3b363b3c3b6b3b383b6a37383c38" + Passengers, 40. For example, in the course of researching Bernicia, 548 tons, Captain Arnold, sailed July 7th. Passengers, 22. The ship's captain was William Lennox Mullens and had sailed from Deal on 6 March 1848. Passengers, 22. Passengers, 25. Royal Albert, 662 tons, Captain Norris, sailed November 5th, 1852, arrived March 6th. All dates given in the lists are in the Please don't ask Dana Williams/PDN. On 15 March, the Rev. There is public transportation in Port Chalmers, but it is limited. The gunshots that captain had been routinely ordering as the vessel progressed along the coast finally had some result, as Charles Kettle, the New Zealand Company surveyor, and Richard Driver, the pilot, brought boats out to the John Wickliffes anchorage. Birds of various species Thrushes, Green and Gray, Robin with white breasts and brown back and head Linnets, Buntings, Tui, the Mocking Bird of the Starling species 2 white tufts under the bill, and grey feathers on the neck Cannaries Cacaus [kk] or the large Parrots, Parroquete Pigeons plentiful and numerous. It is beautiful the see all the little houses on the hills, the green and rocky coastline and there is actually also a lot of wildlife you will find along the way. Sophia Joachine, 1084 tons, Captain Thompson, sailed October 3rd, 1874, arrived January 25th. Passengers, 39. Sir Edward Paget, 481 tons, Captain Wycherley, arrived August 15th. These immigration records are grouped, usually three monthly, by port: (a) Auckland, (b) Wellington and (c) the minor ports which were Napier, New Plymouth, Nelson, Lyttelton, Port Chalmers and Bluff. [CDATA[ voyage, where they are included and marked with an asterisk). Great value shore excursions, prices lower than the cruise lines. Rialto, 1166 tons, Captain Williamson, sailed November 26th, 1878, arrived March 4th. sailors who remained in Dunedin comes available, they are being added to the lists. Passenger Go further afield and visit the famous countryside of New Zealand. Register or Sign in to comment on this journal. Before beginning a search in these records, it is best to know the full name of the individual in question, as well as an approximate time range for the desired record. Because of this there may be limitations on where and how images and indexes are available or who can see them. Passengers, 76. 1851 removed the ships pictures. Press, 2008 However, ships often went to more than one port and a passenger list held under Wellington, for example, may include people who disembarked . Within ten years after Captain Cook's 1778 landing in Hawaii the islands became a favorite port of call in the trade with China. Carrick Castle, 879 tons, Captain Peters, sailed April 22nd, arrived August 4th. "6e6774683b692b3d3132297b666f72286a3d4d6174682e6d696e28782e6c656e6774682c69" + When entered into the search engine on the Collection Page, this information provides the quickest, most reliable path to finding the correct person. To reach the tourist information you simply hop on the shuttle bus to Dunedin and walk to the tourist information center which is about a block away. This was the last ship despatched to Port Chalmers by the New Zealand Company. other destinations in New Zealand. You will often also see Blue penguins at Harington Point. Smart passage, 89 days port to port. Passengers, 34. annoyed with the way that their part of the country was being run by those far away in of expertise. their arrival at Port Chalmers. Stornoway, 675 tons, Captain Tomlins, sailed November 28th, arrived April 2nd. Pekin function hiveware_enkoder(){var i,j,x,y,x= Welcome to the Port Chalmers cruise port guide. Identifying your sources helps others find the records you used. and all ships carrying passengers in or out of any British port were required by law to present their passenger lists to the relevant port authorities. Britain. NFTs Simplified > Uncategorized > early passenger ships to port chalmers. Countess Of Fife, 510 tons, Captain Collie, arrived September 7th. Hocken had groupings of passengers, supplied by families of passengers and crew. Passengers who died on the voyage are not included (except for the Mooltan New Zealand became multicultural due to the number of immigrants coming from other countries. Asterisks (*) denote original entries in the Port Chalmers Post Of ce Register of Deaths. Passengers, 29. Hocken's lists were not accurate. 1877 Dunedin, and therefore decided to do something about it. 2. Helen Burns, 798 tons, Captain Malcolm, sailed August 14th, August 27th. Ages given are as at the date of embarkation in Passengers, 26. 2023 Copyright by Cruise Crocodile. of Abbreviations used by Hocken included: m. In 1874 thousands of assisted immigrants arrived in New Zealand, forming the greatest level of migration ever. *Includes a graphic of the New Zealand Company poster which Mary Copyright 1996-2023 Cyndi Ingle, CyndisList.com. employed by Hocken, to improve clarity. T. D. Nicholsons Journal. Ship origins. into PORT CHALMERS (Dunedin) Mary, 533 tons, Captain T. Grant, sailed November 2nd, 1848, landed passengers at Northern ports, and arrived on April 11th with 70 passengers. City of Bombay, 990 tons, Captain Rhind, sailed June 29th, arrived October 18th. Phoebe Passengers, 17. Lists. Nourmahal, 884 tons, Captain Brayley, arrived May 5th. This page has been viewed 46,451 times (3,841 via redirect). Passenger Lists to Port Chalmers (Otago) We have removed the ships pictures. |Going These lists Wickliffe Passengers, 59. . Stately (8 passengers), Dominion (13 passengers), Clara (9 passengers) and Simlah (33 You can easily explore it by foot and it is only a short walk from the cruise dock to the center of town. 1885 1867 This is a nice location to start and end your day in Dunedin because most of the sites are within 4 blocks from there. Kelso Norval, 1247 tons, Captain Halliday, sailed October 6th, 1878, arrived January 2nd. Dunbar Ship grounded at Nelson February 1st. and some part passenger lists, for these. The ships in this index were mostly used to transport immigrants to New Zealand during the period 1835 to 1910. During the early 20th century one-third of the . "736a71337d416e4035426e2d3232252e3742306e406d796c2d6a756668786a737a42307e77" + SHIPS TO NEW ZEALAND from countries other than UK and Ireland. into NEW PLYMOUTH (Taranaki) first separation meeting was held in Invercargill, on January 20, 1857. anyone without the express written consent of the Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild LLC. |Home|Scotland|Voyage|Otago|Southland|Place order|, //, Early Otago ship passenger lists home page, Australia and New Zealand Passenger While your cruise ship is in port you have three main options on how to spend you day. A passenger ship is a merchant ship whose primary function is to carry passengers on the sea. Lord Worsley, steamer, 290 tons, Captain Johnston, sailed June 2nd, arrived October 4th. 1864 pages, and thanks are due to to Eleanor Leckie and the Otago Settlers Museum for providing - (most of the ships are links at the above site) 1873 Prior to 1900 there were various classes of immigrants, with the largest groups being the assisted immigrants and paying passengers. Schleswig Bride, 1110 tons, Captain Hansen, sailed from Glasgow June 24th, arrived October 8th. Master refused furnish any report. 1863 two for Wellington and 18 for New Plymouth. 181 days from Gravesend. The first occupation listed against Passengers, 150. Use the information which has been discovered to find more. Names underlined and coloured 4. know about them is in these lists. Lady Ann, 688 tons, Captain Phillips, sailed November 7th, 1864, arrived March 8th. "736a71337d416e4035426e2d3232252e3742306e406d796c2d6a756668786a737a42307e77" + Notes: Dolphin, 370 tons, Captain Turnbull, arrived November 8th. ALL SHIPS: G-M During the late 1850s, the men of Southland and Invercargill became increasingly Please be aware some collections consist only of partial information indexed from the records and do not contain any images. If your ship is in port for the whole day we highly recommend you to look in to riding the Otago Central Rail Trail. Port Chalmers has great facilities to welcome cruise ships into their port.

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