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Yes many times it is the routes but I worked for this Airline for 25 years and finally had to say no more and gave up all my seniority which is a huge deal in this industry. We're coming back from a wedding in Napa later this month and instead of our original United that keeps getting pushed back, I rebooked us on Frontier direct SFO-LAS. Applicants must be able to pass the background checks and drug screening tests. no wheels or retractable handles. Besides, he has worked as an aviation content editor for various aviation media. Nothing beyond bag dimensions and fitting under the seat is list in the personal item requirements online. Frontier isnt even that cheap. Gotta say your review was way, way off the mark and very unfair to Froniter. Frontier Airlines pilots are based in Denver, Las Vegas, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Chicago IL & the Trenton/Philadelphia area. Besides, its not like flying with American Airlines is a luxury experience. A High School Diploma or Equivalent level of education is required. Not as bad as Spirit. Saw one guy bring a large My parents fly Frontier almost exclusively because of the 2nd tier airports they use and never commented to me about the people. "I'm freaking out, dude!" They refuse to refund the money. That could have been me, just one seat over. But all around Frontier is a good airline on my last flight I flew to Fort Myers, we landed in a storm, when we landed the crew said due to Lightning we were going to sit on the airplane Intil the storm dissipates. Currently, you can't even check in with a human without an additional fee. How do I add my FRONTIER Miles number to my existing reservation? If you familiarize yourself with their business model and take advantage of their perks then they really arent far from economy/basic economy on many other airlines. What is the difference between a personal item and a carry-on? Seems to me the only one who's linking race with "uncivilized" here is you! and she immediately launched into a tirade, saying "Are we going to have trouble at 30,000 feet? ", Added Brad Lambert, Vice President of Flight Operations for Frontier Airlines, Frontier is proud to partner with premier flight schools such as ATP to ensure the quality of our future pilot supply. Indigo Partners LLC has owned Frontier since December 2013 Hiring 300+ in 2022 All a/c have new slimline high capacity seats, A321-230 seats, A320-180/186 seats, A319-150 seats Hiring 200+ pilots in 2019 Training contract eliminated Line bidding for monthly schedules, switching to PBS sometime in 2020 On the Travel Tails Blog, you will find a variety of engaging articles containing travel tips, news and fascinating destination features, as well as stories from our customers and team members. While I've never flown Frontier, I've taken Spirit quite a few times (and ridden greyhound quite a few times). It was a bad flight - but does that mean the airline should "be avoided." BUT YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, (NOTHING FROM NOTHING, LEAVES. I purchased travel insurance when I was booking through your site, but I have a question or would like to remedy an issue, who can I contact? The new partnership offers pilots an accelerated path to a rewarding career with Frontier while providing Frontier access to a high-quality pool of qualified pilot applicants, dedicated future employees, and advocates of the Frontier brand. They generally recline, but it sounds like you sat in a row that doesn't have that option - usually last row and the row in front of the wing emergency exit don't have that option. Then there was COVID-19's effect on our flights. I interviewed at Frontier Airlines (Denver, CO) in Feb 2023. The lady next to my wife asked her to hold her 1-year-old while she went to the bathroom. What times do I need to keep in mind to ensure I make my flight? Must be able to relocate as per airlines requirement. We decided to pay for a check in bag instead of two carry ons (210.00 more) Anyway, the day of, we traveled 3 hours, checked in our luggage and granddaughter's car seat. The plane is here but there is no crew. When flying low cost carriers, you have to take into account where you're flying to and out of. In the end, though, it truly is an amazing profession. OMG,Got on a flight at Philidalphia to Denver checked in everything seem to be doing well.Got to the gate there was a old lady waiting all by herself on a well hair heading to Orlando.She was to board frontier at 5:00pm it was already 6:00 they didn't let her no anything about what was going on..So I made sure she got on her flight to Orlando.She thanked me so much.Frontier is a Joke.Then they changed OMG,Got on a flight at Philidalphia to Denver checked in everything seem to be doing well.Got to the gate there was a old lady waiting all by herself on a well hair heading to Orlando.She was to board frontier at 5:00pm it was already 6:00 they didn't let her no anything about what was going on..So I made sure she got on her flight to Orlando.She thanked me so much.Frontier is a Joke.Then they changed my gate from E4 to E9 Everything seem to be doing ok at that moment.Then boarding the plane they made go and pay for my carry-on at the Poaidum 1 backpack and 1 small black bag they made me pay$200.00 for my carry-on I was sooooo MAD.Then getting on the plan I was saying how awful they were and they didn't do thing WELL so unprofessional RUDE all of the Workers at Frontier Gate.You don't even know what happened after that.So I get to my seat someone is sitting in my seat.i let them know.The flight attendants didn't even try to help you after paying for a good 200.00 for my carry-on.Sat in my seat for a moment then two Black women came to me and ask where is my things I showed them where.They said come with me.For no Reason they took me out of the Plane I ask them what is the reason no RESPOND from the Two Black Ladies Lost all of my 4Flights all the way to Hawaii Lost All the money.Dont Ever Fly with FRONTIER BAD COMPANY. I travel light, so I never pay extra for bags, nor for picking a seat. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. My son having surgery, I was trying to get there to be with him. Ordered to pay $89 for a bag 18"x14"x8" which is the stated permissible size and it must fit under the seat. You get a free carry-on and access to stretch seating at check-in. First of all, you will acquire a Private Pilot License (PPL) Certificate to build the foundation for more advanced training, certificates and ratings. Besides, who said these fine folks didn't live/originate in NY instead of FL? I flew frontier lots of times last year mostly out of Philly or Baltimore and its always been ok. It's no secret that passengers have gotten more relaxed in their flying apparel over the years, and flight attendant uniforms have seen dramatic changes too. I assume he described you and it touched a nerve? I've not flown an ULLC. At present, airlines are facing pilot shortages worldwide so, there are more opportunities available. After years of refusing to fly NK, I just couldnt pass up on their price earlier this year. Select travel benefits available on Frontier Airlines while completing the program. Frontier Airlines and ATP Flight School have formed a "Frontier Direct Program" targeting ATP graduates and CFIs for employment as Frontier Airlines First Officers. Maybe he wanted to charge his phone. The Spanish worker kept saying racist things. Will I be charged a fee to change my reservation? Oftentimes they're SUBSTANTIALLY cheaper than nonstop competitors on the DC-Denver route, and from DCA at least they offer more flight times than United. The Flight Attendant performs a variety of services in order to maintain a high level of excellent customer service. Never again! Im not sure if this is an issue with the airline as such, or just the route I was flying, or if I was just really unlucky. I flew from about 2005-2009 on frontier probably 100 times and never had issues and flight crew were friendly and always Frontier used to be decent, I used to fly with frontier from California Out of Santa Maria and or Santa Barbara nonstop to Denver Or to Las Vegas and it was always MD80 series jets and the planes were comfortable those planes did have entertainment systems and they did have charging ports and etc. I have been on a United airlines flight international flight where the bathroom was a total disaster I've been to fine hotels in Las Vegas New York City San Francisco etc etc and use their bathrooms and they were disasters you cannot base your review of a company or your thoughts of a company on their bathroom. Philadelphia to Phoenix tonight and was so annoyed by experience I had to see if others had similar situations. I booked a round trip flight on frontier in May to Vegas but had to cancel a week later 10 days before my flight. Privacy Policy, Employee Assistance Program (EAP) & Professional Standards Committee. I find their staff to be cold and unhelpful. The people, and that the whole experience feels kind of patronizing and unprofessional. The airline claims this is actually a $425 value . Terminal E, gate E4 at the Philly airport for those wondering. ULTRA defines their model..that is is their business model. Coordinating with ATP to enhance their jet transition program helps to evaluate and improve on the skill set required to be a safe and successful airline pilot.. Must hold U.S. citizenship or Permanent Residency. I cannot even fathom who thinks airline toilets in bare feet is even a thing. This can be located on the "My Account" link, and then select "Profile". People would push and shove forward as if the plane was about to leave without them. Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: Detailed information can be found in Etsys Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy and our Privacy Policy. Or was it JetBlue trying to sabotaging the merger. All in all, its decent. Spirit is no better and Frontier I call them the greyhound of the skies. Learn More Totally agree. Never again. Totally agree. I agree with several comments about you being borderline offensive. I was denied boarding twice and had to buy a new ticket. Do airlines have a say in the care and maintenance of their terminals?? But, on a leisure route like that, it will almost always be rougher and rowdier than usual, regardless of the ulcc that you choose. How to become a Southwest Airlines Pilot in 2022? This Assessment consisted of questions for a Personality Test After completion of Application/Assessment on Aug. 25. They want money. Wow! In the end I think its an airline for people that want to take a vacation but dont need Wi-Fi or good seats they just want a cheep ticket and to get to point a to point b with out cancellations or delays. Plus, in the first year on the job a pilot can expect to make more than $100,000. Like you, the non-stop was appealing. I'm sure they' are around and about, but if you move at my pace, they are barely noticeable. Too expensive and not expensive enough. Now, Im not sure if its the airline, the route, or a combination of both, but Ive never been stuck in a plane with a crowd quite like this. They refuse to refund the money. How do I add bags or seats to my reservation? (5% off), Sale Price $8.80 Lately the only airline Ive flown in the last 4 years has been United which has been great when I buy business class. Living in DEN for a decade as they went down the ULCC road was depressing to see them go from one of the better carriers to even worse than NK. Will I be charged a fee for bringing a stroller? I will pay more to not experience this. If I need to fly out of Tampa one day, I have to hop on a flight with any airline to get from wherever I am to Tampa. On the other hand, people with little class and no idea of public decorum can be found flying any airline. Bags were denied if they are not 18x14x8 period. Shudder. After completing flight training in ATP's Airline Career Pilot Program, graduates gain flight experience with ATP as paid flight instructors. How do I obtain and print my boarding pass? You should have had relatively lower expectations going into it because it is considered a "low cost" airline, although not cheap.

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